random thoughts from an incoherent giRaffe
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About: a giRaffe is a conscious, thinking being, aware of the world and cognizant of herself!
isn't that just an amazing wonder in itself?

if you want to know who a giRaffe is     

out of the ordinary

And so it seems,
that the thing a giRaffe fears most,
is not pain, or anguish, or sadness, or loneliness,
but being ordinary.

That is something giRaffe cannot live her life being.
Mere existence.
Just like the next person in the crowd.

Maybe being that will cause her less pain.
Less torment.
Maybe being ordinary will make her life a lot easier.

But giRaffe is not looking for a easy life.
But a fulfilling one.
One that is true to herself.
One that doesn’t simply say,
because others are so,
so giRaffe has to be.

giRaffe has a fear of falling into ordinariness.
Of losing herself.

She hopes she never will.

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